Wednesday, June 13, 2007

2007 England Tour, Part 2 -- London

On Thursday, May 31st, the weather was (finally) beautiful! We were supposed to meet our friends Wajid and Michelle and their two girls (similar ages to our boys) in the city, and spend the day with them. However, Waj's work got in the way and they had to cancel.

We decided to go to London anyway.

Enjoying bananas bought from a fruit seller outside the tube.

We headed down to the Tate Modern.

The Tate is a free publicly funded museum. They do accept donations. Here are the boys making a 3 GBP donation.

They have activities for kids to do so it makes it more interesting for them.

Before I realized no pictures allowed! Oops!

And, Waj, Michelle and their Girls were able to come down and at least meet us for lunch. We sat outside and the kids played on the grass -- well, Josh and Ambryn did, Sam and Leila acted like tired 2 year olds! LOL!

Our boys with Waj & Michelle's girls!

After lunch, the boys wanted to see where the Queen lives so we headed down toward Buckingham Palace. It was a nice day, so we decided to walk.

We stopped for ice cream.

And to watch the London Eye and grab a look at Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.

Of course, we had to have a picture taken inside a phone booth.

Stopping for a rest in St. James' Park. It was really beautiful!

Buckingham Palace. We didn't stop for tea. We were in a hurry to get back home before rush hour!

Then we headed home. It was a lot of walking! Very tiring, but lots of fun!

Sam on the Tube on the way home. Fast asleep before the 1st stop!

Josh (and Mom and Dad) were pretty tired too!

We had a great day in the city! It was a beautiful day! London is one of my very favorite cities. It's so exciting and there is so much to see and do. I can't wait until the boys are a bit older and we can do and see more!

Stay tuned for Part 3!


  1. I love it and I am looking forward to Part 3.


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