Tuesday, June 19, 2007

2007 England Tour, Part 6 -- Sandy Balls, Days 3, 4 & 5

After all the excitement of the first two days at Sandy Balls, our next two seemed relatively calm.

We went swimming in the mornings both days and had a great time splashing in the pool. The weather was not quite warm enough in the mornings for the outdoor pool so we only spent time at the indoor pool.

Josh lost a tooth on the Wednesday we were at Sandy Balls.

He was quite excited as the New Forest Faeries brought him a GBP 2 coin! "Mom, that's $4!!" I think the Faeries knew he was on vacation! He used the money to buy a fishing net that we put to good use later that afternoon.

We walked down one of the many walking paths at Sandy Balls to the river. The boys had a great time putting their rods in the water and catching dirt fishing! It was a really nice walk and very pretty.

That night we all met at the local Sandy Balls Pub for a nice meal. England was playing Estonia in the Euro2008 Qualifier and the guys all wanted to stay up to watch it. Sam and I went home early, Josh came home at half time, and Rich came home after the game was through. England won 3-0 to put them in a good position in their Group Standings.

The next day (Thursday) we took the rest of the family back down to the river for more "fishing." This time, there were swans.

Sam and Luke kept fighting over the fishing nets.

Josh just wanted to catch a fish. All Josh talked about was how he went fishing with Grampa last year and can't wait to go again this year!

Luke is anxious to get his net in the water!

Even though the only thing biting were the flies and we had no luck catching fish, we still had fun!

After fishing we all went up to another pub (hmmm.... seems to be a theme...) for a meal. The boys played on the play structure for a bit before dinner.

We had a great time at Sandy Balls, but the end was also a bit sad. Our time in England was coming to a close and we were leaving family for a friends house for our final weekend. We did not go back to Nanny & Grandad's house, so saying goodbye was difficult.

It's hard living so far away from family. When you see how much the boys love their Nanny & Grandad (and vice versa) it makes leaving oh so much harder. Every time we leave England, we leave a bit of ourselves behind and anxiously await our next gathering.

Next up: The Final installment -- Walliswood


  1. The fishing and going to the pub sounds like fun, except for the fishing part.

  2. And also the background on your blog pages looks like a pub ceiling.

    If you don't get that I think Rich will.

  3. Is that you in the photo with the white top and sunglasses? It looks different from the Avatar you use for MyBlogLog! And also, how do you keep typing "Sandy Balls" without completely cracking up?

  4. No, that's not me! That's my nephew's girlfriend Amy! LOL!!! I wish I looked 20!


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