Monday, June 18, 2007

2007 England Tour, Part 5 -- Sandy Balls, Day 2

Tuesday, June 5th was a beautiful day! It was also Nanny's birthday!

We headed down to Sandbanks to spend the day at the beach.

The water was really cold..... we just put our feet in the water.

Of course, the bravest actually went in! All of Rich's niece's and nephews --- Sean, Sascha, Dan (Sasch's boyfriend), Ryan, Amy (Ryan's girlfriend), Leah and Jimmie (Leah's boyfriend) -- did go for a very cold swim. Brave souls!!!!!

The rest of us played on the very windy beach....

... more proof I was on vacation!

Sam, digging in the sand.

Luke (with his mom, Leah in the background), proudly displaying his sand castle!

Josh, doing I don't know what....

After lunch we went back home to prepare Nanny's BBQ dinner. We had the whole gang over to celebrate. The nieces and nephews stayed out in the sun too long and each one came sporting a nice bright red sunburn.... Sam did not make most of the barbecue. He flaked out quite early he was so tired!!!!

The beginning of "The Best Water Fight Ever"!!!

After dinner, Josh and Luke decided to "challenge" Uncle Brian in a water fight. The boys had squirt guns, Brian grabbed the fire hose from the back of one of the cabins near us! Both kids were soaked to the core (sorry, no pics of that unfortunately), but very happy for standing up to "Scary Uncle Brian"!!! We'll get him next time!!!!

Since it was Nanny's birthday, Josh and Luke brought her birthday cake and sang Happy Birthday to her. We all decided you could not ask for a better birthday to have your whole family with you, all happy and healthy (aside from the sunburns)!

We had another, fun filled, exciting, VERY BUSY day!

More Sandy Balls coming up in Part 6!

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