Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Boy on the Edge

On Monday we took advantage of the continuing warm weather and went to our neighborhood swimming pool after school.

Josh's latest "thing" at the pool is to swim laps of breast stroke. And by laps, I mean up and back once. He really wants to join the swim team next year and he has to be able to do one lap of the pool to join. So he spends time practicing and his best stroke is his breast stroke. It's really good considering he just learned this summer. Although it's not surprising as Rich does laps of the breast stroke during "adult swim."

We were at the pool with friends and Josh appeared to be having fun playing with them, but then disappeared to the other side of the pool. As I watched, he had such a determination and was concentrating to do his best.

He's like that in everything he does. Strives for perfection. It's no wonder he's already reading proficiently at a third grade level and is so keen to learn his math facts. He wants to be the best. He's very competitive (he gets that from his father)!

Because of his drive and determination, it's often easy to forget he's still just a little kid. He's only six. He's just on the cusp of entering a new stage of life -- he's growing up.

Yesterday Josh had an ophthalmologist appointment and a dentist appointment; I thought it would be good to keep him out of school just once, not twice!

At his eye appointment he needed his eyes dilated. He hates when they do that -- his last experience just under a year ago when he scratched his cornea. I could tell he was nervous and scared, but he was so brave and did not cry! He was a real trooper!

In the afternoon, he had a dentist appointment. He doesn't like having his teeth x-rayed. I think he panics and thinks the film in his mouth will choke him. He tried this time without a fuss -- he really did -- but they were not able to get the x-rays this time. He did great with the cleaning and the dentist appointment. The dentist suggested we have his 6-year molar sealed to prevent cavities on his "big boy" teeth and they were able to do it that day.

The poor boys! We left the house at 7:20 in the morning and were out all day doing boring things -- all Josh wanted to do was go home (it was 2:00 by then). But we got in to have his teeth sealed and he was doing his best to be brave.

Remember what I said about why he doesn't like the x-rays? Well that goes double when the dentist is putting cotton in his mouth. I felt so bad. It really hit me that he still is a little kid. He was trying all day to be brave doing things that were no fun and this just put him over the top. (Although we did spend 2 hours at McDonald's killing time.)

We were all exhausted when we came home. Sam did great all day too! He really did. When we got home the boys chilled out with their new Hot Wheels and Monster Trucks I bought them. My back was really hurting. Sam kissed it better for me and Josh got me a cool washcloth. Such sweet boys!

As I climbed into bed, I thought to myself I'd let the kids sleep tomorrow and drive Josh into school so we didn't have to rush to get the bus.

I needn't have worried. They were still up by 5:30!


  1. What a big trooper Josh is getting to be! With my son, I find myself having to remind others of his age, like the last time he had his dental cleaning and eye appointments. He's also a very smart kid thing and now he is taller than me by 2 inches!

    Whenever I think my kids will be really exhausted and sleep in - they rarely ever do. I would love to have that kind of energy again!

  2. I HATE to have cotton in my mouth. Anything of the cloth category to be honest. No napkins, no wash cloths, and specifically NO COTTON. I have had to tell this to the dentist before. Evidently it's a rare thing because he was totally surprised when I told him. I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one though.

  3. Sounds like you had a busy day! Funny how no matter how old your kids are (mine are older...20 & 17) they still surprise me with the grown-one-minute-still-kids-the-next! Although I'd like to think they're still my little babies, they're grown!

  4. Sounds like you are making the most out of your final days of summer.


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