Monday, September 24, 2007

Check Out The Sandbox

Look -- I wrote an article for the Sandbox at Maya's Mom!

Go read it and "Sound Off" about it!

I'm anxious to hear every one's thoughts!

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  1. I wrote:

    What I especially love about all the attention that the obesity laws are bringing is the knowledge of what we Americans put in our mouth. We are a long way from what most people think is "healthy" - told that salad loaded with cheese, bacon, etc... and other "healthy" options when portions have got out of hand. But at least it changes are hard wire in thinking we have to eat tasteless foods to enjoy a good figure. We really should focus on fiber content, folic acid and iron, along with fish oil and how things are prepared. Sometimes you lose weight eating fast food because a person can eat one regular size meal and not snack hours after - feeling FULL instead of feeling "munchy" all day long. We will get there but not in our generation. We have made some bad habits and our children have mimicked what we learned over the years instead of watching our mothers prepare food in the kitchen (we are a bunch of grown-ups who learned convenience and done away with nutrients) We are told milk is good but don't realize there are better options especially for our teenagers (dairy is not the best for their skin). Sugar filled drinks are sooooo much cheaper and easy to grab and hey, it taste like fruit....but GI levels and eating less than ideal fuel has people feeling tired and hungry and reaching for whatever is there. If you get a surge of energy eating a well proportioned meal, even if it's fast food, you will eat to live rather live to eat. Kids should learn all these things in school so when they are older, food will not be the enemy. They will know the direct effects such as eating well for the next day ahead. What we eat today is what we feel tomorrow. It should be second nature to reach for rich goodness (choosing dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate, whole grain instead of regular wheat bread) rather than artificial ingredients which causes a lot more harm than some people realize today. It's hidden in everything. Some people don't even get a veggie until they eat a burger. I like the attention obesity is bringing because it's bigger than just appearance, it's heart disease that will be the main culprit.


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