Thursday, September 27, 2007

Al Rescate

Yesterday morning on the way back home from the bus stop Sam said to me, "Mommy! I hear something! It sounds like a Birdy in trouble!"

Me: "Should we call Diego?" Don't you love that Wikipedia has a "Go Diego, Go" page! I love Wikipedia!

Sam: "Yes, we need Diego to rescue the birdy! But don't call Alicia. We don't need her." Alicia is Diego's older sister for those that aren't "in the know" (Mom and Dad).

Me: "Why not?"

Sam: "She's in the shower."


  1. Where does he come up with this stuff? Too Funny!!

  2. You have to wonder what is going through their heads when they break out with this stuff. I love it.

    Found you through cre8buzz and am looking forward to poking around your site some more. I just had to comment on this one right away, though. Too funny.

    BTW, I don't think I would call Alicia, either. In my opinion, she just gets in the way. ;)


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