Monday, September 10, 2007

It's Monday....

I don't really have much to talk about today. I've had some pretty severe back pains lately. Yes Mom and Dad, I have been to the doctor! She prescribed a very strong anti-inflammatory. They work, but mostly because they Knock.Me.Out! So I don't take them during the day when I have Sam around (hmmm.... wonder why?)

AND she also referred me to PT for a massage... If only that could be in Aruba! Until that gets sorted (I'm having scheduling issues with them), I'm a bit uncomfortable.

Anyway, so as not to bore you with anymore, here are a few snippets from around our house lately.

Sam was looking at my wedding and engagement rings (while I was wearing them) and asked me if I'd share them with him. He said he wanted one too. I could have the wedding ring and he'd have the diamond engagement ring.

Don't think so!


Sam is also having some issues with "AM/ARE" -- if I ask him something he'll say, "I are!" instead of "I am." Well, I've decided it's time to start correcting his grammar. So the other day I said to him "Sammy are you eating?" , and he said, "Yes, I are!"

Me: No Sam, it's "Yes, I am" not "I are."

Sam: What?

Me: It's "I am"

Sam: Are you eating too Mommy?

Me: No Sam, I'm not eating, you are.

Sam: Yes, I are eating.

I gave up before we found ourselves playing out Abbott and Costello Routines.


Josh has decided to play coach-pitch baseball this fall instead of soccer. He's very excited and last night we found out he's going to be on the Marlins. He was a bit disappointed he was not on the Braves, but not everyone can be.

This morning he was looking at a poster we have of all the Major League Team caps. He found the Florida Marlins hat and got really excited!

Please note: this conversation took place at 5:45 this morning!

Josh (loudly and enthusiastically): Mom! There's a Florida Marlins and I'm on the Atlanta Marlins!!!!

Me (groggily): No, sweetie, you're on the Legacy Park Marlins. It's a kid's team.

Josh (just as loud and, surprisingly, with more enthusiasm): Well if I was grown up, I'd be on the Atlanta Marlins!!!!!

There is no squashing his spirit!


  1. Hi
    Thanks for your comment!
    I saw your Maya's Mom Blogg Roll, how do I get on that?
    I will stop by and visit your Blog regularly
    Have a nice day!

  2. I had some back problems a few years ago and the anti-inflammatory my doctor gave me worked like a charm without making me drowsy. The problem with it - the FDA has pulled it off the market, it was Vioxx. Hopefully your back will start feeling better soon!

  3. Kids say the darndest things! What a cutie! Hope your back starts feeling better so you don't have to be so knocked-out by the pills!


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