Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Wow... Where has the time gone! I can't believe it's been a whole week since I posted... and that was just to redirect you elsewhere!

My in-laws were here for three weeks and they left on Saturday. Last week we had lots of fun keeping busy and trying not to think about them going home.

We all had a great time and there were lot of tears shed by all when they got on the plane to go back home.


My mother-in-law celebrated her 77th birthday last week while they were here and she wanted to take the kids to Chuck E. Cheeses (brave woman!). Sam kept asking when the birthday party would start!

It was actually a good thing to do with the kids. We got there in the morning, they played, we had lunch and left just as things started getting crazy.


We discovered a family of House Finches that have taken up residence in one of our hanging baskets. It's been really fun to watch the little birds. We decided to not water the plant they are living in -- the plant has seen better days, but it's easier to see the birds now. They're so cute! I haven't taken any pictures because I'm afraid of scaring the mom and dad away for good.

I was afraid they'd abandoned the babies this week. I could see the little birds poking their heads up waiting for food, but no sign of mom or dad. Then yesterday, they were in and out all day feeding the little chicks. And as I type this, I can see mom tending to the little ones.

I thought my kids ate a lot -- those birds eat all day long!


Josh had a really, really good final school report. Pretty much the 1st grade equivalent of "All A's" -- we were really proud of him and the comments his teacher made.

He really wanted the new Lego Indiana Jones PlayStation2 game so we got it for him. It's lots of fun! A great game. I think it's more fun than the StarWars versions. More puzzles and less fighting (although it does have it's share of fighting).

So we went out to buy it last week and Sam could not say "Indiana Jones" at all. He kept calling it "In-Banana Jones." So, the boys have been in front of the PS2 playing In-Banana Jones for a week.


And now, the boys and I are getting ready to go visit my mom and dad for two weeks... so this week has been a bit hectic as well! We have a few mom's group outings this week and we're trying to spend time with Daddy since we won't see him for two weeks.

That's about it. Now you're up to date... Hopefully, I won't be as neglectful next week!


  1. Congratulations to Josh for a great report card!

    The finches sound so cute! I would love to see them, but I understand not wanting to scare them away with the camera.

  2. AWESOME report card lil' man Josh!! I'll bet you guys are so proud! And hey, that is WONDERFUL that your in-laws spent THREE weeks with you and all went well! And she's 77? That's great! Sounds like a lovely woman. And now off to visit your folks too for TWO weeks? Wow! You are gonna have one BUSY summer! Have fun!

  3. What a busy spring/early summer!

    Say hello to the birdies!


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