Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pumpkin Patch and Bobcat Badge

Man, things have been busy here! Yesterday we had two fun things going on.

In the morning, Sam had his "Happy Harvest Day" celebration at school. They used to take a field trip out to the YMCA Camp nearby, but apparently it got too expensive so now the school hosts an in-house field trip.

The kids ride a train around the parking lot...

Then got to go out to a "pumpkin patch" (which was really the church's baseball field with pumpkins in it) and they got to pick out their pumpkin. Sam was the first one in and the last one to find his - but he got the perfect pumpkin, don't you agree?

And here is (most) of his class modeling their pumpkins.

They listened to the Story Teller...

And did some Crafts! It was a fun day for all!!

Then in the evening, Josh had a Cub Scout Pack Meeting. He got his Bobcat Badge (which really is his "initiation" into scouting). He was even branded!

I had a friend take some pictures of Josh getting "branded" and hers turned out better than the ones from my camera. I'll post them on Flickr or here once I get copies of them.

And he earned his whittling chip - which allows him to carry a pocket knife to all scouting functions - except those at school. He's got Grampa's old knife so he's very excited to bring it to the Den Meeting on Monday and show it off.

This week we're just a busy -- Halloween is coming up and it seems we have all sorts of activities surrounding Halloween and then Sam's Birthday... before we know it Thanksgiving will be here!

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