Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009 - Gobble Gobble & Goblins

As you may have heard, we've had a very wet Autumn and it's been unseasonably cold for this time of year.

Well, yesterday, Halloween, was no exception!

The day started out with the Cub Scout's annual "Turkey Shoot." Josh and I headed off, in the rain to see what the Cub Scouts had in store!


Josh had to go through the safety course. Where they spoke to the boys about gun safety, and even though these are BB Guns, they are still weapons. Each boy had to attend before they could go out on the range. When they were done, their name tags were punched.

Done with the safety demonstration

Since it was pouring rain, they didn't have the BB Gun range open, but they did have the Sling Shot range....

Sling Shot Range

and a place to make a marshmallow shooter...

Marshmallow Shooter

(yes, I did saw all the pieces of the PVC pipe and help him put this together)

By the time we were through with all that, plus we took time for a drink of hot cocoa and a snack, the weather cleared up and the ranges opened.

Josh was very excited! He got his target all ready --

Ready to go!

Put on his safety glasses....

Safety Goggles on!

and then had a go...

Getting Ready to Shoot

Each boy was allowed to take 10 shots. When they were done, they had to wait until all the boys in their "range" were finished. Then they could get the targets when the Range Master told them it was okay.

Here's Josh showing off his "after" target. He was a bit disappointed because he only managed to hit the paper once -- up in the top right corner.

Josh showing his target.

However, he's decided that Grampa can take the time and really show him what to do and how to aim shoot the BB Gun at a target properly when we see Grampa next. And he had fun!

And this was just in the morning!!! In the evening we went to a friend's house for pre-Trick-or-Treat insanity.

Our Halloween Hosts

It was wet, and cold and rainy, but that didn't stop the kids from having fun, running around the neighborhood and collecting heaps of candy! Which Mom and Dad quickly "inspected" last night!

Today is cold, but sunny and the boys are outside getting more fresh air, rolling around in leaves. Rich and I are packing up the Halloween Decorations (well, really Rich is. I'm eating pumpkin seeds). And we're getting geared up for Sam's birthday party next weekend!

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