Wednesday, April 8, 2009

How We Survived Spring Break - or the first half anyway!

I can't believe Spring Break is half over!

On Monday I really thought we'd have a LONG WEEK ahead of us! We went grocery shopping and every second was, "Can I have this?" or "Will you get that?" From the looks of the other moms with their kids at the grocery store, this was not uncommon!

Thankfully, we've managed to keep busy every other day. Yesterday we went to Chattanooga with some friends. Normally, we head up to the Aquarium there but this time we went to the Creative Discovery Museum (and hitched on the back of their membership so it was free, Bonus!).

This is a HUGE hands-on children's museum and it is, without a doubt, the best kids museum! The boys loved it! The first thing when you walk in is a huge water play area with buckets and pulley's and boats and sprayers and all sorts of fun, wet things!

Water Play

Of course Sam doesn't really like getting wet, and even with the waterproof aprons, he didn't want to play here. He much preferred the dryers!

Drying off

We moved on and made Cat Masks,


Making Cat Masks

And put on plays, played a Nickelodeon, and even danced to music --

Dance to the Music!

Dug for dinosaurs -

Digging Up Fossils

Going on a Dino-Dig

And so much more!!!!

Cool Lightening!


Both the boys said their favorite part was petting the live snake! It was a python of some sort I think.

Petting the snake

My favorite part was the mirror that made me look tall and skinny! I think everyone needs to wear glassed that make me appear as I did in the mirror!

It was a very fun, tiring day!

We were going to go to another museum today, but decided two days of museums in a row was a bit much. So we went to see Monsters vs. Aliens at a new movie theater here. It was really good! The boys enjoyed it and I thought it was very cute too!

Tomorrow we have plans to head to a new science museum that just opened up about 1/2 hour away. It's called Tellus Northwest Georgia Science Museum. Everything I've heard about it is quite good. There is a planetarium there, but we probably won't watch the show. I'm not sure Sam is quite old enough yet. But it's only 1/2 hour away and that's good for us!


  1. That place looks like a ton of fun...and I LOVE the hats! Hope you all enjoy the rest of Spring Break!

  2. I love your post. Aren't museums the greatest?! A lot different from when I was a kid, for sure.

  3. How old are the boys again? I was thinking of taking my grandson to see the movie, he will be 5 in September. Just not sure if he'd sit still for the whole movie.

  4. What a cool museum! My kids would have loved it when they were younger!

  5. I adore that hand-washing shot!

    And your favorite part of the day would have been mine too.


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