Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Sam the Super Hero!

Sam the Superhero!

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Okay, not quite "Wordless" today!

I made this superhero cape for Sam and he loves it! I'm so glad he likes it too because it was not entirely fun to knit. My friend Summer gave me the pattern and yarn. She was going to make two of them for her son's but gave up. The red yarn and the yellow yarn were different weights and the red is HEAVY! I thought it would make the cape too heavy to wear, but it turned out really nice. It's very soft and quite warm without being too hot for him.

For some reason, he thinks he has to go shirtless underneath (maybe that's why it's not too hot!) He says it's because Super Heroes don't wear shirts. Who knew? I managed to get some pictures of him in it before he went topless!

Pattern is from Vickie Howell's "New Knits on the Block."


  1. What a cool looking cape! Great job mom!

  2. They don't wear shirts? Are they just dyed different colors?

    What a nice looking cape and a nice treat made by a nice mom!

  3. You are so out of control with the knitting!! Wow! I love it, and he is absolutely my kind of Super Hero!!! (You should make a pink one for yourself. Seriously.)

    P.S. The bib that you made for Grace is so darling.

  4. Great cape & I like that it was knitted too!

  5. Looks fantastic! You also reminded me to start a Flickr Group Pool for the Book. Would you mind being the first to link your flicker picture of the cape to this group?


  6. Ha topless super hero's and topless guitar hero's, perhaps all "hero's" should be topless.

    Now that even fits for a Hero sandwich, less bread/carbs is always good, lol

    Hail to topless hero's

  7. That is SUPER cool! I have a Sam too and he'd love a Hero's Cape. I better get crackin'. Thanks for the post. I'm inspired!

  8. Just saw this quote on Twitter and it made me think of Sam: rainnwilson:"Even Spiderman has nipples!" - Walter Wilson, apropos of nothing.

    Rainn Wilson from the office.


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