Monday, March 23, 2009

Heard Around the House This Weekend.

We had a beautiful weekend here in Atlanta. We did manage to get the kids outside to play for a bit, but we also had chores inside so the kids played. Here are some choice snippets from Josh...

"Mom, most of the boys in my class like Rap Music, but not me! I like Rock and Roll!"

Need proof?

Red Neck Rockers

I don't know why they insist eon taking off their shirts when they play Guitar Hero...


That game has upped my coolness factor for the time being... "Mom! You know 'Paint it Black?' and 'Schools Out?'"

And then we went out side and got some fresh air too -- Josh had a baseball game....

first at bat of the season -- He had a great hit!

He hit this ball. He did really well -- good fielding, good base running...

We played some soccer....

Playing Soccer

Playing Soccer

Rich was teaching Josh tricks --

Learning Soccer tricks from Daddy

Trying Soccer Tricks


And then they boys were filthy so we came home for baths/showers. While I was getting Sam cleaned up Josh got in the shower...

Josh: "Okay Mom, I'm done."

Me (from the other room): Did you wash your hair?

Josh (sighs): Yes!

Me (still from the other room): Did you use shampoo?

Josh (getting annoyed): YES!!!!

Me (now looking at Josh): Then why is your hair still dry?

Yes, he had to go back in the shower and actually CLEAN himself!


  1. Dry hair! I love it. Mom cannot be foiled! I love how Josh is playing the game and Sam is just rockin' freestyle!

  2. What a cute post! I especially love that last part - lol! I seem to remember trying to pull the same kinds of shenanigans about brushing my teeth. It never worked ;)

  3. How cute!! (no-shirts) I love that...and kneeling down w/that guitar...LOL

    Dontcha just wish they'd stay that little forever...?

  4. Those are great photos. We have Rock Band 2 but my boys don't take off their shirts when they play, so I have no comment on that :P

    Nathan used to do that same thing, come out of the shower after 20 minutes with his hair still dry. Boys! *eyeroll*

  5. Cracks me up that they take off their shirts. My boys do the same thing. What is it with boys!!

  6. I am laughing my butt off right now at Josh's antics!

    On another note, the last photo is a super cool shot! :)


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