Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Making Adjustments...

It's amazing how little changes to schedules can cause all sorts of adjustments.

I'm sure most of you know Rich used to work from home almost every day. It was great because the kids could see him and talk to him. He'd be around for dinner and if he still had work he could eat then head back to the basement to finish up.

Well, with his new role -- he's started working with a new group and he loves it -- he's had to go into the office every day now, with a few exceptions (like yesterday). Usually he gets up and has breakfast with the kids, then does his workout and goes in late. This means he's not home until after dinner and the kids are either in bed or in the process of "going" to bed.

And on the few occasions he goes in early, he usually calls to say there's a late meeting...

So this has messed up our routine in more ways than I can count.

For one thing, the idea of a "Family Dinner" is now just that... "an idea." But, realizing how important it is to sit down together, I don't want to give up on this idea completely. So, now I eat with Rich some nights when he comes home and some nights I eat with the kids.

Of course I also want to eliminate "cooking twice" and I don't really want the kids living on a diet of hot dogs, chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese, so meal planning has to be creative as well. I don't mind the "not quite as healthy" meals for the kids on occasion, but as a rule, I'd like them to eat "real" food. I'm still working on what the best option are here, so suggestions are appreciated! I did just buy a slow cooker and so far it's great, but I'm still working out how best to fit it into our lifestyle. By the way, best way ever to roast beets is in the slow cooker.

Another adjustment is when the kids come home from school. The first thing they do is still open the door to the basement to say hi to Daddy. It's been three weeks!

Our weekends have changed too. Now the little chores Rich used to do in the week, like paying bills and such, he has to do during the weekend.

And it's not just adjusting to Rich's new schedule. My kids are growing up! Josh now has baseball practice on Friday nights and games on Saturdays. Last night, he had his last chorus performance of the year. We went to watch all the local school choruses perform in a "Cluster Concert." All the choruses from the schools in North Cobb (county) came together to perform. Josh's chorus was first and the youngest. Then we listened to some 4th grade choruses, middle school choruses, and the High School Chorus. I tell you, I was very impressed with all the kids!

And poor Sam. The concert didn't even start until 6:30 PM and we didn't get home until almost 9:00 PM. The poor kid usually goes to bed at 7:00 - and what time do you think he got up? Yep, 5:30... I was never so happy to send him to school. He won't be grumpy there, but he will if he stays home!

So, we're all adjusting to new schedules, growing kids and more responsibilities...


  1. Ahh 20 years of me working nights and hubby working days menas a family dinner was rare aound my house. Now that we are on the same schedule we still don't it's foreign to us all now. {{sigh}}

    But I always cooked just 1 meal, and thanked God for the microwave

  2. I can just visualize those boys going to say hey to their Dad. That is a lot of change!

  3. Give it another month or so and everyone will be used to it.

    I know all about the crazy schedules. Until the start of this year, my husband's schedule was such that he and I ate lunch together as he left for work before the kids got home from school. Then I had to make or reheat dinner for the kids every night. Now with his new schedule, he's home for dinner, homework help and gets to see the kids more than he used to!

    I myself am still trying to get used to the new schedule. :)


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