Thursday, March 19, 2009

I Hope He Stays This Way

Josh is a little ray of sunshine... but if you know him, you already know that. He really is a sweet, sweet kid.

And, most of the time he's an optimist and it's wonderful to see.

Last week they changed his bus times and bus route. I think, like most school districts, there is an effort to save money so they combined his routes with another.

This means the bus comes 10 minutes earlier in the morning -- thank goodness! Before he barely made it to school on time! And it's more crowded. They sit three people to a seat.

And in the afternoons, since we're near the end of the line, he's not getting home until almost 3:00 -- school is dismissed around 2:15 and the buses leave the school at 2:20. Before, he was getting home at 2:30.

One of the other parents at the bus stop was a bit upset as her daughter, a kindergartner, doesn't like crowds and because they're home later, she's concerned because the kids are on the bus for so long!

Josh got off the bus one day last week all smiles and said, "Mom, this is great! Now we get to sit three to a seat so I have MORE friends to talk to, AND I get to be on the bus longer so I can talk to them LONGER!"

And then earlier this week, after his last chorus concert we asked him if he was upset, "No, not really. It's been fun, but this just means I'm even closer to being a THIRD GRADER!"

Don't you just love his spirit?


  1. Well he learned from a great example, YOU

  2. Wow, he's such an optimist! Hopefully that stays with him as he ages !


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