Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We Have a New Pet - Temporarily at Least

Josh absolutely loves his class and teacher. They had a pet frog named Hopper. Hopper had been around for a few years and finally "croaked" last weekend.

His teacher was devastated! She'd had Hopper for several years and the kids all loved him!

I offered to collect money and get a new frog for the class. Since the kids had no school yesterday and today - and maybe the rest of the week, I don't know yet - I took the boys out to pick out Hoppers replacement.

The new Frog

They are so excited about this cute little frog! He's an Australian White's Tree Frog and just a baby.

Boys watching frog

If I need to find the boys, this is where they are!


Isn't he cute? He doesn't have a name yet but Josh has his heart set on "Jumper." I told him it was up to Mrs. Crane and the class to give him a name.

AWWWw.... so cute!

But the boys won't deal with the crickets so I have to do the gross part!

I hope to bring the new frog to class on Friday if there's school. Otherwise we'll wait until next week to introduce the new frog to the class!


  1. Cute!

    (Weird; it NEVER lets me comment using my Google account.)

  2. Oh, yes. He is cute! Hope he's enjoying his new school. :o)


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