Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hello Out There? Is anyone still reading????

I can't believe it's been 2 months since I last updated!

We're no longer on vacation in Michigan with my parents... we've been home for quite a while!

Things around here have been so busy! Here's a quick update/recap of our life the last two months...

We got home from my parent's house and Josh decided to re-learn to ride his bike. He used to be able to ride it, but then he fell and lost his nerve so he had to re-learn this summer. Well, it didn't take him long and now I can barely get him off it!

Sam got a new bike too and loves to ride his. When they come home from school all they want to do is ride their bikes!

We started school here early August. Josh LOVES his 3rd grade teacher - and so do I! She's wonderful and just what Josh needs!

I went back to work two mornings a week at Sam's preschool as the teaching assistant in a 2 year old class. I really love it! It's so nice to have something to do! And the money is all going toward the kid's activities!

Both Josh and Sam are playing soccer this year. Josh is also playing baseball AND he's joined the Cub Scouts AND he's doing a project for the school Science Fair! We are going to be one busy family!

Today was the first day of sports - and Josh was sick! So we missed his games, but Sam had fun at his!

He's a "White Bear!"

Here he is scoring a goal on Daddy (the assistant coach) during practice.

Sam and Daddy, just before the game started!

The last thing I wanted to post pictures of is a project Josh did for ALP. He had to turn a clothes pin into a "Flying Animal." He decided to make a pheasant because when we were in Michigan, we went out with Grampa and watched Annie (Grampa's dog) point pheasants and show off what she'd learned at "Doggy Boot Camp" getting ready for hunting season. After, we got some of the feathers off the dead birds.

Here's Josh's pheasant --

Then he made an "Above and Beyond" project by making a diorama of the pheasant's habitat.

The whole project:

And Sam wanted to make something too so he made a Race Track! This ended up being his class project we didn't know he'd need! The next day he came home with a homework assignment called, "It looks like a box, but really it's a....."

That's a bit of what's been going on with us -- in a nutshell. I promise to make more time to post pictures and updates. We're busy, but having lots of fun! I just need to start getting into the swing of things again!


  1. Yay! Thanks for posting again. I look for this every day first thing. Two months is too long not to see pix of my grandsons.
    Love you.

  2. Funny I just checked the other day and thought surely I had missed some change to another blog account!


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