Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More Vacation Fun...

The last few day's we've spent pretty much around the house. Most of the time we've spent at Papa Don's pool... No matter that the High this week has only been 80F! They still go in and splash around!

Here's Sam's first ever jump off of the diving board. He did it twice but then said the water gets up his nose and he doesn't want to do it any more!

Today we went to Seven Pond's Nature Center in Dryden. We had a great time and we never left the reception center!

There was a man/guide there that was really great with the kids. He showed us the working bee hive and explained all about the bees and the hive.

Then he got out three salamanders and let the kids touch them.

He answered questions for us and told us about the animals and displays they have there. He was so nice and patient. It was lots of fun. I'm sure we'll be going back next week as we didn't even get to do our nature walk!

After we were done at Seven Ponds we drove up the road to my dad's club for lunch. We usually go fishing there every year with the boys and I expect we'll be back fishing next week too!

My parent's dog is there in "Summer Camp" learning to hunt so she'll be ready for hunting season this fall. While we were there, Grampa got Annie out and the kids loved all over her! You can see Josh and Sam were happy to see her!

We're coming back up there to pick her up on Friday. Grampa has arranged it so the boys can watch Annie work in the field and they can see how she helps him when he's hunting. I'm quite excited to see he working!

And the kids ran around, made daisy chains, looked at the fishes and just had a great time running around.

I love this picture of Chloe so I just had to add it in!

And Grandmother was happy to have five of her grandchildren around her, plus her honorary granddaughter, Ava!


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  2. Hey, one time when we were cleaning all the junk out from behind the shed, we found a few salamanders. The boys thought that was so fascinating. I love to go on educational outings. They are just super. What a blessed Grandmother! I am looking forward to the day I can fill those shoes. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Fun, sun, learning about nature - that's a great way to spend a summer day! :)


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