Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rewriting History

The following "History" Lesson was taught at our house this weekend.*

*I may have allowed for some artistic license in transcribing the exact verbiage, however the basic message has been left unaltered*

Scene: Kitchen - July 3rd. Just as Rich comes home from work...

Dad: Happy "We finally got rid of the Yanks Day!"

Son #1: What?

Dad (repeats) : Happy "We finally got rid of the Yanks Day!"

Son #1: I don't get it.

Dad: You do know what tomorrow is don't you?

Son #1: The Fourth of July.

Mom: And that's our Independence Day.

Son #1: I don't know what "Independence" means.

Mom: It means that's the day the day we became our own nation. "Independent" means you can do it on your own.

Dad: And before that, America was part of Britain. But we got so sick of the Yanks we decided to kick them out.

Son #1: But wasn't there a war?

Dad: Yes. We wanted to get rid of the Yanks, but they wanted to stay a part of the British Empire so we went to war. And the Brits won so the America had to leave.

Son #1 - looking confused: Really?

Mom: No, honey, America wanted to be free and July 4th is the day we gained our Independence.

Son #1, still looks confused.

Mom: So Son, who do you believe?

Son #1: I don't know....


The sad thing is, I can see it now. He'll be in History class learning about the Revolutionary War. He will tell his teacher the story his Dad told him and insist he's correct!


The boys and I are off to Michigan tomorrow for a few weeks. I'll try to update and post pictures of our trip.

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