Thursday, July 2, 2009

Back to the Future?

Yesterday I took the boys back to the Tellus Museum. If you hadn't guessed, it really is one of our favorite places to visit!

This time, we brought our friends, Mary, Cade and Jack Felts. It was there first visit and the boys had fun while Mary and I talked and watched the kids!

It was so much fun! Jack loved the dinosaurs! His little face lit up like it was Christmas when he saw them! It was so cute!

We went to see one of the Planetarium Shows, Two Small Pieces of Glass. It was our second time watching this show - it is absolutely amazing! It's about the history of the telescope, but it's put in a context that kids of all ages will love. Highly recommend it if you have it showing near you!

At the end, there's talk about the Hubble Telescope and it talks about how we can look back in time as we look at the stars because the light from the stars is, sometimes, millions of Lightyears old.

After this part of the program, Sam whispers to me: "Mom! Do we have a telescope?"

I said, "No, but Grandmother and Grampa have one and maybe we can find a place to set it up when we go visit them."

Then he said, very excitedly, "Well can we get one because I want to build a time machine and go back in time!"

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