Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: First Santa Sighting

With "Santa's Helper"

Okay, not quite "wordless" -- Josh had a chorus concert yesterday at the local grocery store. They were having a "holiday party" with lots of free food samples and the chorus from Josh's school and some other local schools came and sang Christmas carols.

We heard "Santa" was roaming around and Sam said he wanted to "give Santa a cuddle." Then when he saw Santa, he was looking and looking at him. Finally he said to Rich (who was holding him), "That's not the real Santa. That's Santa' helper. He's the Fake Santa."

And enjoy the picture because my camera is broken... just in time. The warranty expires tomorrow! Off to Sony for you camera!

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  1. He is a pretty kind looking helper for Santa! I hope your camera gets fixed.

  2. My daughter still gets excited when she sees the "fake" santas!

  3. h, I would like to give Santa a cuddle, as well. I'm getting the itch!

    Very cute pic!

  4. Love the festive snap! Our local mall tried to fire the Santa who has been around for years and is much beloved. But a community uproar prevented them from followin through. BTW, tomorrow's Sx3 features a turkey of a snap. Please come by and Share the Caption Love!

  5. Fake or not, it's still exciting to see Santa!


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