Monday, December 15, 2008

Our Toaster is Toasted.

So our toaster died this weekend.

I'm quite bummed as we've had it for 6 years. We have a 2-slice one that we've had for as long too -- but the 4-slicer packed it up this weekend.

So my mission was to find a new one. Our old one (and the new one) is a Toastmaster. It worked great and wasn't too expensive. I bought it at Target so that is where my search took me.

No luck. They had two four slice toasters so I opted for the Oster. For some reason I just can't bring myself to buy Hamilton Beach. Bad experiences I guess. Well, I got the toaster home and it didn't even hold a piece of bread. It had extra WIDE slices, it was too small length and depth.

Then we started looking at toaster ovens. I decided to try it out. Again. No luck. It just seemed there was too much work involved to just "make toast." So back that went.

We looked on line -- do you realize some toasters cost over $100? I don't know, that just seems a bit excessive to me! Is it worth it?

I've given up my search for the time being. Who knew it would be this hard to find a toaster? Thankfully I have a back up with the 2-slice.

Any recommendations on toaster vs. toaster oven or what makes are good would be greatly appreciated!

Anyway, I thought I would share a Samism with you....

We were eating breakfast and he was not sitting down.

Rich: Sam, sit down and eat your breakfast -- and chew with your mouth shut.

Sam: Okay. There is a button on my bum and when I sit on it my mouth chews. Watch!

Crazy kid.


  1. Ha! Sam!

    I agree about Hamilton Beach.

    I have never ad a 4-slice toaster, boy that would be nice! I love my 2-slice toaster, but I cannot recall who made it.

  2. I like toasters better then toaster ovens for toast. However I love the toaster ovens for when only cooking a small thing like a WW TV dinner.

    Try and see what they have. Good prices and they usually have testimonials too to see what other people think about them

  3. Hee, hee! We have a 4 slice toaster from Phillips. It gets the job done, but I don't thnk they sell them anymore.

  4. Wow! $100???

    I loved my toaster oven, but it was sooooo hard to keep clean. I tossed it out when we moved for that very reason.

    Now we just have a two-slice toaster, which serves us well b/c most of the time we make cheese toast in the oven.

  5. That stinks. it is so hard to find a good toaster. One that doesn't make the toast too dark or not too light.

    $100 for a toaster???? Does it butter it for you? That is crazy!

  6. Too funny. I asked for a new toaster for Chrismtas! I can't imagine I'll be getting a $100 one. OUCH!


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