Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: "I Wrote My Name!"

I wrote my Name!

The "S" was difficult so he followed my finger to make it. But the rest he did by himself! And "S" is a hard letter! I remember Josh having difficulty with it as well.

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  1. I am SAM, SAM I am
    And YES "S" is a hard letter

  2. Aww, very good job Sam....another milestone!

  3. Great job, Sam!

    That is a nice S!

    I had to learn to write my name to get a library card, so that was my motivation. I still have my first library card with my scrawled "Melissa".

    It is so easy to forget how challenging learning all about all of those letters can be!

  4. Good Job Sam!

    Not until my daughter started trying to write her name did I rethink the length of it - 9 letters! It was rough at first, but eventually, she got it.

  5. He did great! "S" is very hard. My Sam still writes it in two parts.

  6. My kids always wrote their names on other surfaces besides paper. I'm still finding their John Hancocks...everywhere!

  7. That's so awesome! Oh, and I LOVE your pics at the top! Such a cute little crew you have there!


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