Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Exploiting My Friend's Kids.

Facebook is one of my new obsessions.

Yes, I feel a bit "stalker-ish" sometimes -- or feel I've been stalked, but still, when you have moved around as much as I have, you have friends far and wide!

Of course one of the true advantages is when you meet up with an old friend -- or friend of a friend -- they can ask you for favors. This has happened to me.

One of my friends from way back when asked me to exploit his kids. His name is Bob Osborne and he's a red head. And... he has three of the most beautiful red-headed daughters who are lucky enough to be part of the Little Red Head Project... "Little Red Heads Across America." This is a book all about Red Headed kids.

Bob's kids are in this book, and he asked me if I'd help spread the word. The Book, "Little Red Heads Across America" features pictures of red-headed children from all over the U.S., fun facts about red hair (did you know only 2% of American's have red hair? In Ireland... 10%), some funny myths and superstitions about red hair (like they're all related), famous people with red hair and other bits of trivia and tidbits that will make your red headed child feel special.

The webite is very cute and the book looks cute too. My sister has red hair -- she was strawberry blonde growing up and now has the most beautiful shade of hair -- sort of auburn-ish... it's beautiful. And her youngest has gorgeous red curly hair just like she did! Maybe this would make a great gift for Katy and Hannah!

Check out the book and if you have a red head in your family -- or wish you did -- this would make a great gift!

And if there is a Little Red Head book 2, I know the most gorgeous toddler that would be the perfect cover girl!


  1. I'm addicted to facebook, too!

  2. I only go on Facebook when one of the kids leaves her account up on the computer. But I do think I'm addicted to blogging!

  3. I've yet to take the dive into Facebook, but have often toyed with the idea.

    I was born strawberry-blonde and my hair has fluctuated over the years. Sometimes I even died it red as I liked the color so much!

  4. Talking of red headed kids, I am lucky to have that special girl as mu daughter!

  5. That's so nifty! Jude has red hair :)

  6. I love this idea for a book. My mom and brother are both red heads and I have red highlights.


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