Monday, January 19, 2009

They Say Things Come in 3's.... Right?

Well, if that's the case, we're set for a bit...

I'm sure you all remember our little car issue -- the transmission needing to be replaced?

If you've friended me on Facebook, I'm sure you're aware of our heating issue... if not, let me fill you in.

We've had unseasonably cold weather here in Georgia. Now, for those up North that are accustomed to sub-zero weather... more power to you. Our problem comes in when we get zero degree weather -- or just below freezing -- our heater can't heat the house.

Luckily, we have a fully furnished, comfortable basement that has it's own heating system. This weekend in Atlanta the highs were in the teens and the lows were below zero. Our house -- the main living area -- didn't get above 49 degrees all weekend.

So we moved into the basement. Thankfully, it started to warm up yesterday and we actually could spend time in the main house and sleep in our beds again! But we're expecting a few more cold days this week so I have someone coming out to look at the heater this evening.

And, because when one thing falls apart, so does another and another.... We were getting ready to go to Target this weekend -- just to get out of the house and warm ourselves up -- and the garage door broke. The opener ripped a huge chunk right off the back of the door.

When that happened, Josh said, "Man! It seems like the whole house is falling apart!"

But, even though we've had a string of "issues" come up -- at least all have our health and we had some nice "quality family time" while we were stuck in the basement together.

And I made a hat for Rich to go with his sweater....

Rich's hat

Here's Josh modeling it... and looking quite enthused.

Looking enthused.


  1. Oh boy, does it come in threes and maybe more.

    My house is fallign apart too... water heater, furnace, electrical fire, laptop fried, plumbing rusting away,. and this was just this weekend...

  2. Man! I think it must be one of those weeks for everyone!

    40 in the house? That's crazy!!!! I'm sending warm vibes your way! In Texas, we're even less accustomed to that kind of weather, so I can relate. Hope you guys get it fixed soon.

    Glad to see you guys are all still in one piece though :)

  3. Wow, that's a really bad week. When our garage door opener broke, it just stopped working correctly. Breaking the door - that's a whole different ball game! Hopefully nothing else will break!

    Great job on the cap!

  4. Wow...Marian. I'm sorry to hear about this. We have more problems in the summer b/c of our 2-story family room. The systems in these homes are just not big enough!


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