Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hangin' Out With Sam

This week Josh and Rich are visiting his family in London.

We were supposed to make our "family" trip this year, but decided that next year would be best financially. So, we made the decision that Rich would go visit his family and take Josh as a special treat.

The boys only have 1/2 days this week so it's a good time for Josh to miss school. Plus, his teacher gave him some homework to do so he won't get too far behind. I also bought him a journal to write in every day and he's got my camera to take pictures. Nanny seems to be doing a good job keeping him on track.

We've spoken to the boys almost every day they've been gone, and video called on the computer so we could see them too. We won't get a chance to talk today because they're going in to the city and visiting the Science Museum and then spending the night with some friends that live in the city.

Josh is very excited about the Science Museum. They are studying "Time and Space" in his ALP (Gifted) class and he wants to see the space exhibit there.

Anyway, since Daddy and Josh are having their own little vacation, Sam and I are at home by ourselves. Sam was a bit disappointed that he could not go, but he's such a Mommy's Boy he would have been a nightmare for Rich to have there. Plus, he's a bit more high maintenance than Josh is right now.

So Sam and I have been doing some special things. We went to our favorite indoor play place earlier this week and it looks like the weather is going to be sunny and 55 tomorrow so we're playing hooky and going to the Zoo!

And, we've been playing on the PS2 every day... Lego Batman, Lego StarWars (I & II) and Lego Indiana Jones games. Sam also got a new Lego Indiana Jones set so we've played with the Lego's a bit too.

Can you tell Sam is a bit obsessed with Lego's?

It's been really strange not having Rich and Josh here. Sam's been really well behaved. Not that he's normally horrid, but he's just been better behaved than usual -- I guess there isn't anyone to bother!


  1. It's nice to have some one on one with Sam... PS2 Lego games are popular in this house too. All three of them...

  2. That is super that Rich and Josh got to go to London. I'm sure Josh will come home with lots of stories!

  3. I wish I had those games so I could link up with you!

    I love that you and your husband spend alone trips with your sons! My friend and her husband made an effort to make that happen with their 3 kids when they were in high school; my friend thinks those were the best times of her life and really built "grown-up" connections with her kids- especially her son.

    Have fun playing hooky!


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