Friday, May 1, 2009

It's Friday and the Weekend is Just Around the Corner

Well. Here we are at Friday already.

Seems the closer to the end of the school year the faster time flies! It's hard to believe Sam has just over a week left of school. Six days to be exact! And Josh only has 3 weeks left (15 days and HE'S counting!)

We've been busy. Josh has one last homework assignment. It's for his ALP class. He has to give a presentation on "Space" for the "Space Time" unit they've been doing this term. I don't know why, but it seems HIS homework assignment gives MOM more work! I've been running all over town getting his "costume" ready, finding materials for the presentation....

We've been slowly chipping away on it, but the timing is horrible! I really wish she'd given this to the kids three weeks earlier. We've just finished CRCT (state standardized tests) and the kids just don't seem to be able to focus any more. Plus with the weather being beautiful it's hard to justify staying indoors to do homework. But still we sit. Me forcing him to do work and him moaning about it.

But it's due next week so we should be all down hill from then on.

We did manage to get outside and run through the sprinkler's again yesterday though. Those boys are so full of energy and just want to play outside, it's hard to say no.

Sam was a bit more daring this time.

We invited Derek, my neighbor's son, to run through with us.

They had a great time and got very muddy!

This picture was taken AFTER I'd hosed them down. Sam fell and was covered head to foot in mud. I would have gotten a picture of that but he was crying because he was muddy!

Anyway, we've got lots on this weekend. Josh has a baseball game in the afternoon then a sleep over at a friend's house. I told Sam I'd take him out for ice cream after I drop Josh off.

And Sunday we have to finish up Josh's school project. That should be fun with an exhausted, tired boy on our hands!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. I love sprinkler time! Some of my favorite memories from my childhood involve running through a sprinkler in our back yard!

    PS. Don't you hate homework! You think you are finished with it, then you have kids and it's back. Ugh!


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