Friday, May 8, 2009

It's Friday! The End of a LONG Week!d

I am so glad it's Friday!

Rich had to work last weekend so it feels like we've had one BIG LONG week!

Josh finished up the last of his homework with his ALP presentation on Wednesday. He did fantastic. He got 48 of 50 points - only lost points on being "organized" during his presentation.

He was very proud to do so well, but did say "If only I was more organized!"

To which both Mom and Dad replied, "That comes with practice Josh. The more you practice BEFORE you give your presentation, the better organized you will be."

So, now he knows when we bug him to practice, we're not doing it to be mean. I could not get him to practice his presentation to save my life. So I figured, this may be one lesson that the only way he'll learn is to "learn it himself."

But we are proud of him for receiving such good marks on the whole project!

Josh also had Field Day and a "Field Trip" to the park behind his school this week. Next week he has his 2nd Grade End of Year Party to celebrate the end of his time at the Elementary School. Next year he goes on to an "Intermediate" school that has grades 3-5. Last night we went to Parent & Student night at the new school. He's very excited about going there. They have lots of activities for the kids like Student Council, "Recorder Karate," an International Drum Group, Robotics Club... and all sorts of extra curricular activities to enhance his education.

I was impressed too. I had heard that the homework and expectations take a huge leap in 3rd grade and from the presentation, they do. But it also looks like they try to keep the learning fun with Author's Night and the kids putting on plays and doing projects about the subjects they're learning about. Josh was so excited to be "movin' up" that he came home and said he wished 3rd grade started tomorrow!

We also had a few more issues with my car. Caused a lot of stress and inconvenience, but in the end we just needed (another) new battery covered under warranty.

The boys and I have managed to get to the pool this week. The water was too cold for me, but they liked it!

The weather's been a bit like summer here this spring. Lots of rain making the days when it isn't raining quite humid. It seems the drought may be over! Most lakes are at or above pre-drought levels, but the "watering restrictions" haven't been lifted yet. Of course with all the rain, who needs to "water" the plants?

Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. TGIF!!

    We're on tight water restrictions (one day a week, restricted time periods) for now and the foreseeable future. The air-so-hot-you-can-cut-it temps have returned making a cold pool sound wonderful!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. The weather is warm, but that pool water is COLD!! Sam is looking forward to going again tomorrow and I'm already shivering!

  3. Glad to hear the cars ok! The weather here has been all about rain. The Ohio River is really rising. I just want it to be summer already!


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