Friday, May 29, 2009

Where'd the Time Go?

So, here it is Friday and I'm still playing catch up from last week!

Last Friday was Josh's last day of school. His current school only goes through 2nd grade, so it was his last day at that school! He was a bit sad, but he's excited about starting at the Intermediate School next year too!

Last Thursday, they had a small class party and put on plays for the parents. Here are some pics of Josh and his classmates and teacher....

His two best friends in his class, Nadine and Emily. Emily is moving and we're very sad because she and Josh were very good friends this year. According to Nadine, they fancied each other but I'm in denial about that and Josh says they were just good friends.

Josh and his teacher. We loved Ms. Barlow!

And his whole class together. They were a great bunch of kids, but apparently 2nd graders are very rowdy!

Also on Friday, Josh had his last baseball game of the season. He did really well and made lots of progress this year. At his last at-bat Rich pitched to him and Josh had his best hit of the season. Rich only had one pitch and Josh swung and smacked the ball as hard as he could. Right over Rich's head! I was lucky to get the picture!

Daddy pitching to Josh

On Friday night Rich and I were trying to think of something to do that weekend. We didn't want to sit around the house and let the long weekend go to waste. So we decided to go to Chattanooga for the night. We go up there quite often. It's only an hour and a half away, but we decided to make it special and spend the night up there.

There are lots of places to stay, but we decided to stay at the Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel (run by Holiday Inn). It was a great choice! It looks like they are refurbishing it a bit, but at the moment it's a bit dated - however, the staff were so nice! And the restaurant was surprisingly good!

They converted the old train station into a hotel and it's really cool. You can even stay in the train cars if you want. We opted for a 2-room suite so the kids could have their own room and we could spread out, but I definitely want to stay in the train cars one time. And the boys want to do that too.

We did the usual trip to the Aquarium on Saturday but wanted to do something a bit different on Sunday. And it was raining so anything outside was out of the question. We decided to go to Ruby Falls. It's a large underground waterfall. The trip had us walking through a cave to the cavern at the end with the falls. Pictures from the site can be found here. It was lots of fun and very pretty! My pictures from out trip can be found here and here. Not all of them, but a good selection.

This week I've been trying to keep the boys busy. We're trying some new things this year. I don't want the boys to sit infront of the TV playing video games all day so we're getting out and exploring and trying to find free things to do in the city. Or at least inexpensive ones! Starting next week we seem to have quite a bit planned with free movies, trips with the Mom's Group and things I've planned.

I'll try to be better at updating with our adventures and the Things We Do!

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  1. How cool that Rich got to pitch to him and that he hit it! That's got to be the best memory of the game!

    The train car rooms look awesome - we will have to remember that for a future vacation.


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