Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Updates, etc...

We had the most beautiful weather this weekend!

We seem to have had some very nice weather during the week, but come Saturday and Sunday, we just get rain. I have to tell you, it gets a bit old.

This weekend was fantastic though. The weather was nice, not too hot, not too cold, and almost no humidity.

It started off, on Friday, with Josh's End of Year Baseball Party. It was a pizza party at the pool. I thought the water was way too cold, but the boys both went in and had a great time. Considering how often our games got rained out, we were all so happy to have a wonderful end of season party!

The rest of the weekend was just spent doing yard work, going to the pool, cooking out and sitting on our back deck. Rich installed some outdoor speakers so it was nice sitting outside, listening to music and playing with the boys.

This week the boys and I are keeping busy as well. My goal this summer is to keep the kids active and try to keep them learning. They have some workbooks they have to do to earn PlaStation3 time. And they have chore charts they must complete and earn points to trade in for different things - like PS3 more time. It's been working pretty well. We also have the My Personal Trainer: Math for the Nintendo DS which Josh can do to earn points. He loves that.

I'm also trying to play outings every week from now until we go to Michigan. My goal is to find free or low cost things to do. My neighborhood Mom's Group has one outing planned each week that we'll do, plus there is the free movie once a week. I'd also like to get the boys to the Tellus Museum or Aquarium at least once before we go too, since we're members there already. I'd also love to bring them to the zoo -- weather permitting. We're not members, so that will have to be a "special trip."

So that's us in a nutshell at the moment. On Thursday we're going to a paint your own pottery place. Josh's looking forward to that. I'll get some pictures and post them when I can.

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