Friday, June 5, 2009

Keeping the Kids Busy, and Mom Sane

Now that summer break is in full swing, I'm trying to keep the kids busy and active - most of the time.

I have this fear that they'd spend all summer in front of the TV playing PS3 if I don't lay down some ground rules. Plus, I want Josh to be ready for the routine changes we'll have next school year so I figured summer is a great time to ease into the new workload he'll be getting.

I've reinstated the chore chart. Both kids have some chores they have to do - and honestly it's nothing too taxing and stuff they should just be doing (but don't). When they do their chores they can earn points and trade the points in for things. Like time on the PS3.

I am also making them do "educational activities." Because I really believe they should keep their minds sharp. Sam loves doing the "Homework." Josh, not so much. But, since he can choose what he wants to do, it seems to be getting better.

I'm also trying to do one "field trip" a week and we're taking full advantage of the free summer movies at the local movie theater. This week we went with the mom's group to a "paint your own pottery" place. They had a great time. Josh picked out a guitar and Sam painted a turtle shaped bowl. I can't wait to see how they turned out. We get them next week. I was so busy talking that I forgot to take pictures. I'll take a picture of the finished products so you can see how they turn out.

Other field trips we have scheduled: a trip to the local pizza parlor for a behind the scenes tour, our grocery store and the fire station. I would also like to get up to the Tellus Museum again next week and possibly to the Aquarium sometime this month too.

All this with trips to the pool on nice days and then the normal chores and errands keeps us pretty busy. Thankfully, the boys still have some down time to rest and play like you should on summer break too!


  1. You are one of the most active families I know. I find it hard to fathom - your children playing video games all summer! Great idea about the pizza place. I think my boys would love that! Did you just randomly ask or does a local parlor have a program?

  2. As the kids have gotten older, I have had to think of new ways to keep them busy and not loose the information they learned during the school year. They used to have workbooks every summer, but not this year. We have opted for ducumentary DVDs, books and board games.

    I like your field trip ideas and will have to see what's available in our area! :)


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