Sunday, June 21, 2009

We got Captured by Summer

This year for Father's Day the boys and I gave Rich some photos for his desk at work. He's been trying to get a good one of the three of us for ages and just never seems to get around to printing them up.

My friend Summer is a fantastic photographer. So we had her take some pictures of us one day. It was lots of fun. She managed to get a lot of really great pictures and a perfect one for Rich's desk.

I can't believe how well the boys kept this secret! It really was the best gift and he was really surprised!

Here are some of our favorites, and for more of Summer's beautiful photography, visit her photography website, Captures by Summer and her photo blog - with more of our pictures.

This really captures Sam's personality!

Goofing off!

More goofing off/brotherly love!

This is Josh's favorite one.

This is Sam's favorite.

This really captures Josh! Complete with his tongue hanging out of his mouth and all!

This one was spontaneous and oh so sweet!

I think we got them to laugh by talking about bodily functions.

We had such a great time with Summer and the pictures turned out so wonderful! If you live in Atlanta and need a photographer, I highly recommend her! She's one of my favorite people to spend time with! And her photos really do capture the kid's personalities!


  1. Those turned out wonderful! I am sure he loved them!

  2. I just love this set. So much character and so adorable!

  3. Excellent photos! Beautiful.

  4. Lovely!! And, that B&W guitar pic is wonderful, Sam!


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