Monday, June 15, 2009

Exciting Times in Legacy Park...

Our neighborhood has been infiltrated by television crews. CBS is filming a reality television show in my neighborhood.

Apparently, it's working title is "Block Party" and they've got 4 or 5 families all living on the same street taking part. The families had to move out while the building was taking place, but have all returned.

The filming started today, but the crews have been here for weeks buliding the walls and getting the set ready.

Photo Credit: Maggie Roe

My friend Maggie has lots of really cool pictures of the sets on her blog, make sure you go read it. The pictures are fantastic and really give you a good idea of what's going on.

The filming isn't in my sub of Legacy Park, but we do drive by every time we come and go. We have a few friends living in Annandale - one of Josh's best friends lives just 4 houses away from where all the filming is taking place.

We drove by today and all the entry ways are blocked off by large wooden doors and their is someone standing outside each house. And there is 24x7 police on the scene. Which is great for my friend Summer who lives just around the corner from the shooting and is going on vacation while the shooting is taking place!

Josh, who is a big fan of "Total Drama Island" and the new serise "Total Drama Action" can't wait until the Fall when the series airs.

And while I am really not a huge reality TV fan, I'm quite interested to see what's going on too!

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  1. Cool and crazy all rolled into one! Now, I too am curious about the show!


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