Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Eve Recap....

Okay, so Christmas was three days ago, I know... I've been really, really, really slack.

My parents were here for Christmas. It was really nice having them here. The last three Christmases were "just us" so it was nice to have some family to share the holiday with again!
It's always fun when my parents come. I love going out to sushi with my mom. She knows what to order and the company is always fun! My dad sometimes comes, but he doesn't like it as much as we do! Anyway, we went out one day before Christmas (my dad and Sam came) and had some sushi! Yum!

We also discovered the most fantastice ever wine shop near us. It's just opened and it has the largest, and most reasonably priced wines I've ever seen. Rich and I actually went there on a "date" the Saturday before Christmas -- my parents babysat and we went out and spent an hour in the shop! Rich actually stopped the manager and thanked him for opening the shop near us! We found wines from Australia (like Grant Burge) that we have not seen since leaving there! And at reasonable prices. Plus, some of the cheap stock standard usual wines were about $2 cheaper than at the grocery store. We're going back tomorrow!

Anyway, Christmas Eve we did the usual -- we went to dinner and then drove around looking at the Christmas Lights in our neighborhood.
The best thing was watching my dad and the boys have dessert. We didn't have our cameras with us, but we did get some from the mobile phones. It was seriously a commercial moment!
Sam was sitting on my dad's lap and Josh was next and they were all three sharing the chocolate mountain of cardiac arrest!

I have to tell you, my dad was in seventh heaven with the boys there sharing with him!

When we got home, the boys wrote their letter to Santa, then spread out the reindeer food and it was off to bed!

Luckily, they both fell asleep quickly! And they slept for a long time too --- hahaha! Right!

Josh was up at 1:00, 2:30, 4:3o and 5:30. I made him stay in bed until 6:00! But more on that and Christmas Day tomorrow... or later...


  1. Awww! Those are the sweetest pictures of your dad and boys sharing the chocolate cake! I'm glad you had a great time with your parents. And the free babysitting is always a plus.

  2. Great pictures of your Dad & the boys. It's always nice to have family for Christmas!!

  3. Sounds like a lovely Christmas! Except the getting up every hour on the hour part, LOL! The pictures of boys and your dad are just adorable!

  4. Sweet Precious Moments!
    Thankfully mine are old enough that I could tell them to not get up before 7:00 am, especially since their dad worked Christams Eve and did not get to bed until 4:00 am!

  5. Pics to Cherish...Glad you had a wonderful time..Hugs Sissy

  6. Chocolate mountain of cardiac arrest... LOL. I'll take some of that to go please.

  7. awesome dessert!!!! i would have had a hard time sharing :-)

  8. How great that your parents were there! That dessert sounds yummy, too.

  9. thanks for sharing! I still haven't wrote about our christmas-well the great parts anyways so you are more ahead of the game than I am!! lol

  10. Sounds like a great time! The boys look so cute eating that chocoholic gooey, yummy looking dessert!

    And wow, I would've flipped my lid them waking up almost every hour, that EARLY!! LOL...


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