Friday, December 14, 2007


It's amazing how much there is to do this time of year! I have been so busy doing nothing that my head is spinning!

So, this week Sam and I had a Christmas Party with one of the Mom's Groups I belong to. It was lots of fun. I picked him up early from school and brought him over.

He was so busy playing that I had to force him to sit down and eat some lunch! Thankfully, there was Pizza there -- I think that may be his most favorite food ever! I can always get him to eat that. And grapes.

Anyway, the party was lots of fun. Mary did Story Time...

She's going to kill me for posting this!

Her son Jack and Sam played together very nicely. Of course there were several photo ops of them playing really well, but as soon as I got my camera, they broke up. Here's the one picture I did get.


The only thing that tore them away from that toy was a visit from "The Big Guy."


He looks a bit "shy" in this picture, but he was really excited. He ran right up to Santa and stared talking to him and asking him for his "Big GeoTrax" (which today he told me he no longer wants.... too bad kid!)

Jack then decided to entertain us all with some Karaoke...


He's a trip! So funny and cute and he rivals Sam for "Pickelpotamus" status! It's no wonder the two of them get along so well.

Yesterday, Josh came home from school and announced that a kid in his class doesn't believe in Santa!!!! He told Josh that the Mom's and Dad's put the presents out and pretend to be Santa. He couldn't believe this boy would tell him that!

He said, "But Mom! We know Santa's real, don't we?"

I said, "That's right! Poor (boy's name) he won't be getting any presents from Santa because Santa only brings gifts to who believe."

Josh: "Yeah, and do you know HOW I know he's real? The Santa Tracker on the computer!"

I have to tell you I was so upset after this conversation! I mean, I know he's a smart kid and I know this is probably the last year for him to believe, but I was hoping it would last just a bit longer!

I think he wants to still believe this year so he does. Next year I think he'll start to have his doubts.

It's so much fun to see how excited the boys get about seeing Santa and writing him letters and leaving Reindeer food out on Christmas Eve. And to see how their eyes light up on Christmas Morning when all the presents are under the tree...

I guess this year we'll just have to enjoy it and hope next year we can keep the magic alive... and keep it going for Sam as long as possible.


  1. When it comes to the red elf, my 12 year old knows the truth. My 10 year old still believes and I will let her have one more year of doing so.

    The spirit of Saint Nicholas is what I want to convey to them and in our house Santa only fills the stockings. The presents under our tree are from mom and dad. Maybe this is the case with the boy in Josh's class.

  2. First - great pictures from the party. It looks like everyone had a great time.
    Second - I am dreading the Santa discussion. I so love watching their faces when they see the presents that Santa leaves. SM is only 5 but I know that any minute a child at school could crush his beliefs and that stinks!

  3. www...awesome and sweet post thanks for sharing!!! :D

  4. What a magical time for the kids, huh! I just adore it! :)

  5. Guess who won a Tamagotchi and two packages of charms in my giveaway? YOU!! I'll get them mailed to you tomorrow!

  6. You GO Jack, sing your heart out little man!! LOVE karaoke! LOL. And yes, keep that going as long as possible! It's so diff now that the kids are older and no longer believe!


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