Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Time to Brag

I'm going to brag about Josh again. Sometimes I feel funny about it because so many people have issues with their kids and how they struggle with school. But I'm so proud of him I just have to "brag!"

Josh came home from school yesterday with a note in his backpack saying he was accepted into the "Gifted Program."

I have no idea what that means, other than he starts next month going once a week to a special class with other "Gifted" first graders.

He was a bit too cool...

Me: Wow Josh! You've been accepted into the Gifted Program! That's fantastic!

Josh: Yes Mom, I know, I went last week!

Me: What? You had your test? Why didn't you say something when I asked if you saw Mrs. Gifted Teacher's Name?

Josh just shrugged and started mowing down the Cheerios Snack Mix we got in the mail (review coming soon, but let me just say, YUM!)

So anyway, Rich and I are very excited for him. I mean, we knew he was smart, but this is fantastic. Apparently, they focus on "the process" rather than "the result" in problem solving. And they have quite high expectations placed on them. We have an "Open House" in January so we can meet Mrs. Gifted Teacher and find out more about the program.

Josh really likes going to Mrs. Gifted Teacher (he's had to go several times for tests) because he says she has fun problems for him to solve.

I don't want him to be overwhelmed, but I do want him to be challenged. Something that is clearly not happening in the "regular" first grade classroom. He is still learning, but he just picks up on things so quickly that sometimes he gets a bit bored with the repetition.

So, we'll see how well he does in the Gifted Program. He has to "qualify" every year -- keep his grades up and such.

So, that's my brag for the day!


  1. Very cool! And you DESERVE to brag.....yahhhhhhh!!! (Doin the happy-dance) for Josh!! CONGRATS, CONGRATS!!! Way to go kiddo!

  2. Congratulations to Josh! Sounds like he really needs a class like the gifted one to keep him challenged and growing in his school work. I don't blame you for bragging. I would, too.

  3. Awesome! I think this program is an excellent idea because he still gets to see all his friends; many of these gifted programs are in entirely different schools.

    And it sounds like a very good thing because he LIKES the problems she gives him. That's key. Gifted children do often become bored in a regular classroom and are sometimes misdiagnosed ADD or learning deficient because of their boredom.

    It would be great if this type of program were available at all schools.

  4. Congratulations!!

    I know that when my children were excepted into the program, I was also excited. I also felt some of the same feelings - not wanting them to get overwhelmed, but not wanting them to get bored either. So far, they have both flourished in their gifted classes. Right now the only issues my daughter has is with her non-gifted classes. Go figure!

  5. You must be so proud. That is awesome.


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