Monday, December 3, 2007

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

We've been having some sleep issues in our house lately.

It seems the boys don't want to sleep past 5:00/5:30. And the problem is, if one gets up, they make noise and it wakes up the other. It's a really quite tiresome and both Rich and I are ready for this little "phase" to end.

Sam has been known to wake up at 4:30. This makes him tired and cranky all day so we put him down for a nap. He'll sleep for a couple hours and be refreshed and wonderful. He'll go to bed a bit later (about 6:45-7:00) and lay awake in bed. Quiet, but awake. And he still wakes up early.

If he had NO nap, he's just tired and cranky all day and goes to bed early -- as late as we can keep him up but it's still 6:15-6:30 ish and he STILL gets up at the crack of a sparrow's fart!

And when he sleeps, Josh wakes up early. I swear, for a smart kid, he has NO common sense! He will come in at whatever time and ask us questions about the most ridiculous stuff. I really don't need to be woken up at 5:30 by a 6 year old asking which Pokemon do I think can beat Spiderman in a battle!

I hope this is a phase. I seem to remember Josh going through this "early morning" stuff when he was about Sam's age. Once he was old enough to read the clock and we could tell him to not get up until it was 6:00, things got (sort of) better (on occasion).

Anyway... I'm just waiting for the grandparents to come for Christmas so they can take the Early Shift and Rich and I can sleep!


  1. Ahh yes, I remember those early mornings. I don't remember at what age mine grew out of it - it was gradual. On the weekends, the 12 year old may get up before me (and he knows not to wake me) but the 10 year old will usually not get up until about 1 hour after me.

    Yay for grandparents!

  2. LOL! Don't you just love grandparents? My parents are about on the same sleep schedule as my boy so it works out for everyone. Don't worry, you'll get your revenge when they grow up to be lazyhead teenagers.

  3. My son does the SAME thing! I can't wait to sleep in again (maybe when they are teenagers). Currently, I think that 7:30 am is sleeping in, it is sad, isn't it?

  4. Oh Bummer. I will def. say some prayers for you that it stops soon!


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