Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bye Bye Summer...

Well today marks the "official" end to all our summer plans and happenings.

The kids are in school -- and have been for a few weeks. Our trips are done, we have no more visitors planned for a while...

We had our last-eating-bad-food- stuffing-our-face-with-chips for the summer yesterday and the detox starts today. I stepped on the scale this morning and was mortified.

Oh well, at least I've got the motivation now!

And as luck would have it, we're really busy for a while too.

Josh starts baseball practice today -- his first game is on Saturday. He's on the Cubs this year. He's quite excited that the Cubs are from Chicago because that's where his cousins live. So he feels a connection. Anyway, so he's got baseball until the end of October. He's also in the school chorus and has practices after school one day a week. His first performance will be in just a few weeks at the schools 100th year celebration!

Sam starts gymnastics on Friday mornings in October. This is his first extra curricular activity and he's very excited about it. He loved watching the Olympic gymnasts. Some how I don't see him every being that coordinated, but he's excited about trying something out.

So, life goes on here in our little corner of Atlanta. I'm actually looking forward to the cooler weather of fall and winter, getting back into a routine... I would say "slowing down" but that never seems to happen.

And now for some shameless self promotion so my mom and dad know where to go to read my Savvy article...

I know quite a few parts of the country are getting ready for the first day of school. Over at the Being Savvy the topic today is "On the first day of Preschool..." My post is a list of five fun books to ease you into the school year. Feel free to leave me some comments over there too... I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'... well, begging....


  1. Sounds like your getting back into a routine again!! I wil check out your other site in a few minutes I promise!!

  2. I say the same thing Mimi, and yep, things never do seem to 'slow' down....and btw, my kids both loved gymnastics!

  3. I went to your article, I loved it. I left a comment too

  4. You could do like me - and stay off of the scale! Yeah, I know, I need to get myself back on track. We seem to eat more "bad for you" foods over the summer. I guess it goes along with that relaxed attitude.

    Baseball, Chorus and Gymnastics - you will be busy! So far this year, neither of my kids has an after school activity and I'm OK with that. :)

  5. Love the article and left a comment! Great job, Mom!!


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