Saturday, September 6, 2008

They keep me laughing....

since I posted a Samism.

Yesterday we went to story time and his friend Walker came in with his mom.

Me: Look Sam, there's Walker...

Sam: LUKE SKYWALKER is here!

Did I mention he's obsessed with StarWars?

And Josh had a good Joshism yesterday too.

We went to Kennesaw Mountain to walk around after dinner. I'll probably post more about that trip tomorrow. Anyway, we drove up to the parking lot at (almost) the top of the mountain. The views are amazing there! We were on our way to walk up some steps that would bring us up a bit higher for a different view.

Josh: Can we go up there?

Me: Yep, come on, let's go...

Josh: WOW! I've never been this high before!

The college boys that were walking by could barely contain their laughter.

And Josh has been there before... and even up to the very top of the mountain.


  1. Dropping in from the blog train. sounds like a great walk.

  2. Kids say the darnest things :)

  3. Out of the mouth of babes.

    You know I was just "tagged" to leave a post on my blog about what I learned from my mother or from being a mother (I haven't blogged it yet) but you are supposed to tag 3 others. I would really love to tag you, I know what you say will be awesome

  4. Oh, gosh. At least he's a youngin'. Don't want him sayin' somethin' like that in a few years! BTW, if you have some time tomorrow, drop on by my place. We're playing the Silly Sunday Sweepstakes, and Sharing All That Caption Love!

  5. "Kennesaw Mountain Hiiiigh, Georgia!"

  6. Hee, hee, I love the Luke Skywalker one!


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