Saturday, September 13, 2008

What Happened to the Week?


I don't know where the week went.

It's been a weird week. Josh came home from ALP (the gifted program he does) on Wednesday with a bad report. Apparently, he likes to talk. This is not news to me. At school he's always been a good worker and he's been able to control his "talking" so it doesn't get in the way of learning.

It's the second time in 4 weeks he's gotten in trouble for talking and not doing his work. Of course we had to address this before it becomes a problem.

And we wanted to make sure he understood how serious we are about good behavior in school. So we took away all his electronic games -- no computer, no DS, no PS2 and No TV for the rest of the week. And he also has to go to bed lights out at 7:00 every school day.

He was upset at first, but honestly, I don't think it was that bad for him. He and Sam played nicely all the rest of the week. And to be honest, it was nice not having the TV on or the kids fighting over the laptop or PS2.

And I'm pleased to report he's been much better at school. Of course the real test is next Wednesday when he goes back to ALP.

We've been trying to do "Friday Family Fun Nights" now that school is back in session. Josh's baseball practice was canceled earlier this week and rescheduled for last night. Our plan was to go down and watch his practice and maybe go out for ice cream after. But, as luck would have it, problems came up at Rich's work and he had to work. He's still working and probably will until tonight. He may have to work tomorrow too.

Not to ruin our fun though. The boys and I went down to the ball field and watched Josh's practice. It was fun. He's got a cute little team. What they lack in talent, they make up for in enthusiasm.

Today Josh as a ball game and then he's going to a sleep over. So even though Rich has to work, we should be entertained and busy enough.

Hope you all have good weekends!


  1. I had a talker in school too.

    I also agree, sometimes when Adam is not here I don't turn the TV on all day. The quiet is so nice.

  2. Oh, the talkers! They turn out to be the kids who go places in life. I always engage my talkers, and try to channel their chatter into something productive. This tactic always seems to work, too! BTW, on a completely different subject, it's that time of week again--Silly Sunday Sweepstakes time. Come on over and play along!

  3. My daughter used to get into some trouble during her regular classes (in gifted she was fine). For her it wasn't the talking - it was the daydreaming and drawing. When she had gifted classes just one day a week, the teacher was a lot more laid back and allowed the children to be themselves. Usually the gifted teachers allow the children more freedom in their classrooms (in a good way).

  4. My husband and I were both talkers....I suppose out offspring could be even worse! Talking monsters!!

  5. If that is the only thing my son gets in trouble for...I rejoice! :) are doing the right thing by nipping it in the bud...better to address it before it really gets ugly!

    Have a great week!


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