Thursday, June 2, 2011

Last Week’s Basket

One of the things I’m thinking of doing with this blog is keeping track of what we get in our Farmer’s Market Basket each week and what I make.

I’ve had a few posts already that I put what we got – but I think I’m going to start not only putting what we got that week, but also what I made from the basket. It seems  to be a good place for me to keep track of what I’ve made with some of the ingredients and also helps share some yummy, healthy recipes!

So, last weeks basket. I got the “Veggie only” basket since we still had lots of fruit from the last two weeks. We seem to eat a lot more vegetables than we do fruit in our house. 


Potatoes (I bought several extra), broccoli, spinach (I bought an extra bunch of organic spinach), Lettuce (I bought an extra head), tomatoes, spring onions, tomatoes and cabbage (we don’t eat cabbage so I “swapped” my cabbage for an extra bunch of spring onions). I also bought some garlic and organic raspberries.


We had lots of spinach and we love fish so one night we had tilapia with spinach and potatoes and another night we had salmon with spinach and potatoes!

Tilapia with sauteed spinach and potatoes

I made a lemon chicken stir fry one night with the broccoli, garlic and some of the onions. So yummy!

The lettuce we mostly had on sandwiches, but I also made salads for my lunches. The raspberries Rich ate on his frozen yogurt.

Last night I wanted to use up what I had in the fridge so I made “Mediterranean Chicken Pitas” from the Pampered Chef’s Dinner in Your Deep Covered Baker cookbook. This was so yummy and so easy and so good! I didn’t have all the ingredients so I did make some modifications but it was so good even the kids ate it! 


It’s chicken cooked in a Deep Covered Baker over a bed of sundried tomatoes, red onions and kalamata olives (cooked in the microwave so super fast and easy), then served on top of a yogurt sauce and pita or Naan bread.

If you want the recipe, I have it posted on my Facebook Page.

For the kids I just gave them some diced chicken – minus the tomatoes and olives because I knew they would turn their nose up at that. They also had some Naan Bread (which they loved). Josh put hummus on his Naan and then the chicken on top of that. And they had sliced apples.

I served mine with a bit of lettuce and some roasted beets (from my basket a few weeks ago). The beets I roast in my crockpot then slice and put in a jar and cover with malt vinegar and refrigerate. Super yum!

We get a new basket today! Wonder what we’ll get?

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  1. AWESOME. I'm so glad you're doing that! When I first heard of this trend, I was VERY happy for the people who thought of it. Gets good produce out to busy people, and makes money for the lovely growers out there. I HEARTILY APPROVE. It's neat to see what you get and how you serve it too! GO MIMI! :)


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