Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Random Kid Stuff

Last week the boys had VBS so I had my mornings full of a whole lot of nothing! It was wonderful!

This week the kids have been home. And a bit bored! I’ve been trying to get the house cleaned up (little by little). Next week we have Cub Scout Day Camp, then the week after that we go to visit my parents. The house has to be cleaned before we leave, and this week is the best time to do it. Poor kids have had to entertain themselves without making a mess!

Josh has decided he wants some money to buy things I won’t buy for him, so he put up a chore list the other day.


You will notice right under “make bed” is “Be nice 2 bro.”  Which technically, doesn’t qualify as a chore, but apparently Josh thinks of it as one.


Right after Josh got done putting his chores up on the whiteboard, Sam wanted to get some chores up too.

So he asked Josh to help him.

Josh replied, “No, I don’t want to.” Then tossed him the white board marker and walked away.

Not 5 seconds AFTER writing that he was going to be nice to his brother!


We are going to visit my parents this summer – as we usually do.

Sam got up one morning and was so excited he made a count down on one of the (apparently very many) whiteboards we have hanging around.


That says “Days til Grandmothers”  He’s since changed it to read “Sleeps to go”

I thought that was cute!


At lunch time today the boys were eating some of the Babybel cheese that comes wrapped in wax.

They were discussing the wax (as you do).

Josh said, “Where does wax come from anyway? Is it that stuff from inside our ears?”

The later, Josh decided since he’s going in to 5th grade, we can now play “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?” So he was quizzing Sam at lunch.

He asked, “Who invented the lightening rod?”

Sam says, “Oh, that’s EASY!!! Zeus!”


And finally, this isn’t “kid stuff,” but thought it was cool anyway. We had a turtle in our creek last week. How fun!


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