Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sam’s New Glasses

The boys have been at Vacation Bible School all week. I’ve had my mornings to myself (and it’s been wonderful)!

And, I’ve been taking turns with a friend looking after the kids afterward. Some days they come here, some days they go there – either way – they leave me alone!

You’d think I’d have had time to update the blog. And I have “had the time” I’ve just not done it!

Sam had an ophthalmologist appointment the day school got out. Everything is fine and he’s doing great. However, he did get a new prescription for his glasses. We got the new ones the other day.

I think he looks super grown up in these!


(He wouldn’t smile. I think he was in a “shy” mood).

What do you think?


Yay! Comments! Thanks for letting me know you were here!

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