Friday, February 9, 2007

Birthday Story and Preppy Names

As you recall, yesterday was Rich's birthday. The boys were "helping" him open his cards and presents -- read this as... tearing everything out of his hands saying either, "I can do it Dad," or "No, me do it."

Sam had picked out a "Mickey Mouse" birthday card for Daddy. When Daddy opened the card Sammy picked out for him Sam grabbed it and said, "I read it Daddy." He opens the card and says very clearly... "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is coming up next. There you go Daddy." and gives the card back to Rich.

Rich had a great birthday. And the boys LOVED opening his 2 presents (nothing facy, just two bars of Galaxy chocolate and a puzzle.)


Now, something completely unrelated, but funny. My friend Tanya posted on her website the link to find out your preppy name.

Here's mine:

Your Preppy Name Is...
North Waverley Elverton the Fifth
But most people know you as Mimi

Coincidence? (I used my given name for the test, not Mimi)

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