Saturday, February 3, 2007

Making up for Bad Press

Okay. So I've been getting some heat about the "bad press" my husband has gotten on this site.
He also said this is like reading my diary.

Totally not what I intended!

Anyway, I have to tell you, I have the most wonderful, brilliant husband in the world.

He can fix all my computer problems, and those of my family and believe me there have been MANY! My sister rarely calls unless they have problems with their computer. Since she got a new one, she hardly calls... (or that could be she's got 3 kids and #4 on the way so she has other things on her mind...) He never complains about it either. Just laughs.

He fixes me dinner when I'm tired. He plays with the kids so I can do meaningless things like play on the computer. He never gets upset when the house is messy -- of course that's all the time, so he'd be pretty grumpy if that bothered him! He bought me the laptop for Christmas so I could do the blogging and playing and whatever....

It's no wonder the boys adore him. He's a great Dad. He plays with them WAY more than I do. He gets down on the floor and lets them climb all over him. He plays games with them that I would never be able to think up. He's a FUN Dad! And, he's much more patient than I am with the kids.

He has a great sense of humor and always makes me laugh. Every card I've ever received from him in 10 years has had a poem in it that he wrote for me. He's the smartest person I know -- he can even do Math!

He is supportive of everything I want to do. He keeps me sane when I get stressed out about little things. He likes my cooking! He treats me like a princess!

If he has been misrepresented on this blog, then I am truly sorry because he is by far the best husband ever!

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