Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My PC Son

Josh is going to be the Star Student in his class in 2 weeks time. What this entails, I don't really know but I got a "questionnaire" home today that we had to answer for his poster, and a list of things to send in...

One of the questions was: My Wish.... The following conversation took place:

Me: Josh, what is your wish?

Josh: I wish that I was a Magician!

Me -- starting to write

Josh: NO! Stop! I wish that people who do good for the world wouldn't get shot.

Me, puzzled, yet impressesd: Okay... do you mean Martin Luther King?
(They had just done a bit about him at school on MLK day and he kept talking about how he was shot for standing up for his beliefs and trying to make the world better.)

Josh: Yes, like Martin Luther King and our 16th President!

Me: Who was our 16th President Josh?

Josh: Hmmm... I forget his name.

So it's harder to remember Abraham Lincoln, than the fact that he was our 16th President?

Later I repeat the story to Rich.

Josh laughs and says: It's Abraham Lincoln!

Rich: And do you remember who shot Abraham Lincoln?

Josh: Yes, John Honest Abe!

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