Thursday, May 17, 2007

Life Is Wonderful

Once again, I steal an idea from Chrisanne over at Life As I Know It.

This is 10 things that make my life wonderful -- in no particular order....

1. Loving, healthy, happy family.

2. Loving supportive parents -- this goes for mine and my in-laws!

3. Getting into bed with nice fresh clean sheets!

4. Friday nights.

5. Summer time -- vacations to visit family, going to the pool, BBQ's, and all sorts of fun summertime activities.

6. Hugs, smiles, kisses and giggles from the boys.

7. Reading -- both on my own and with the boys. Now that Josh is reading, bed time stories are much more interesting! And to see how much he loves reading is fantastic!

8. My first cup of tea in the morning.... or when I am able to go out and get a Latte!

9. Maya's Mom -- great parenting community!

10. Watching Josh play (and enjoy) soccer.

What makes your life wonderful?

Elizabeth, Laura, Crazedparent, & Sheila -- this includes YOU!


  1. Those are all great! Ok, here's mine:

  2. Great list! Just saw catching up on blog reading this week!


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