Monday, May 7, 2007

Jumping on the Good Parent Bandwagon

There's something going on with parenting blogs in the almighty Blogosphere.

It seems to have been started by Girl's Gone Child. And it's spread like wildfire! It's a fantastic trend for us parents to stand up and admit we're good parents! So, now it's my turn.

I'm a good parent because....

... I had good teachers. My parents are wonderful parents. They showed me love, so I learned love. After I became a parent, my dad said to me, "Now you know!" and boy do I ever... I now know the love my parents had for me. It's awesome!

... I don't have to do it alone. I'm so fortunate to have a wonderful husband to help me. He is an amazing support system for me. This gives me the break I need to refresh and recharge my batteries. (He had good teachers too!)

... I believe that as a parent, it is my job to raise my children to be responsible adults. This means sometimes I have to be the "Mean Mommy." I am not my children's best friend, I am their mother. My kids have chores that they are responsible for. We have rules in our house and when the rules aren't followed, there are consequences.

... In spite of me being Mean Mommy, we do have fun. We bend the rules; stay up late sometimes, stay in our PJ's all day, have candy or cake for breakfast on special occasions. We play.

.... I love my kids. When they are sick or hurt, it breaks my heart. When they are happy, my heart swells. I am so proud of their accomplishments. When Sam says, "I did it!" and when Josh comes home from school having scored a "5 of 5" on yet another AR test. Or when Josh reads to me, or Sam sings his ABC's or counts, and how well he did with his potty training.

... But most of all, I know I'm a good parent when I see how wonderful my boys are. I see it in the way they act with other children and adults,.the way they treat each other (most of the time), and how happy they are. And, the love I have for them is returned to me. I am so proud of my kids!

Yes, we have our "moments." It's not easy, it's not all good all the time, but that's for another day.... I thank God everyday for blessing me with a such a wonderful family and for helping me be the parent I am!

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