Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Today's Samisms....

After I got him dressed in a t-shirt and shorts: "Mommy! I look just like a Princess!"

When I asked him what he wanted to watch on TV: "I wanna watch eeehhhh!" I have no idea what "eeehhh" is!

He's got a bit of a stuffy nose and was up quite a bit last night. By 4:30, he was up but I made him stay in bed. All I heard was "I wanna get up! I wanna go downstairs! Mommy, is it time to get up?" Finally, at 6:00 when we "got up" he said, "I don't wanna get up. I wanna go back to bed." Nope, sorry, time to get up!

He stands in the middle of the room and screams at the top of his lungs. When I asked him why he said, "I don't know." I believe this is what Grampa would call grandparents revenge!

Sam was playing with a toy and a piece fell off, "Mommy, look what Joshie broke!" Josh was at school.

He likes to put his glasses on top of his head and says, "Like Mommy's sunglasses." I don't know how we'll survive 2 weeks without a trip to have the glasses readjusted! We can't even make it a week!

Sitting on the potty -- "Mommy, look what I did...." The entire roll of toilet paper is unrolled on the floor, again. "Just like [Curious] George!" That ____ monkey! I know I've said this before, but he keeps doing it!!!!!

The blessing for pre-snack they learn at school is "God our Father, God our Father, We thank You, We thank You, For our many blessings, For our many Blessings, Amen, Amen." When Sam does it at home he sings, "God our Father, We are Blessings, Thank you, Amen!" And gets upset when you try to sing with him! That's right Baby, you are blessings!

He was dancing or something... I asked him what he was doing. He stops, looks up at me and says very matter of factly... "I'm wiggling my whole body Mom!" and continues on wiggling his whole body. Of course, please continue...

And my favorite: "Mommy, I love you!" I love you too Babydoll!

****edited to add: Now he's crawling around the floor on all fours saying, "I a doggie -- ruff ruff " and then licking me on the leg! Gross!! Kids (boys) are weird!

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