Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Oh Happy Day, oh happy day!

Well, today has been interesting at the very least.

Last week I went to have my oil changed and tires rotated at Jiffy Lube. Ever since, my car has been making funny noises when I braked. So today, after I dropped Sam off at school I checked my tires to make sure there was no flat -- that's just what it sounded like -- and lo and behold, one of the bolts/lug nuts was missing from my driver's side front tire! Needless to say, before getting on the highway, I stopped at Jiffy Lube so they could "fix it!" Hahahahahaha! When I told them what happened, the guys at Jiffy Lube said (and I quote), "Oh Shit!"

They were very nice and sent me to have the car fixed at their expense to another service station. Apparently, they had overtightened the lug nuts when they rotated the tire. Everyone at both Jiffy Lube and America's Service Station were very nice and helpful!

So disaster averted!

But, we are celebrating at our house for more than one reason.

First, Liverpool FC have made it to the Champions' League final by beating Chelsea in Penalties. The final to be held on May 23rd against either Milan or Manchester United.

Go Red Men!!!!

But, depending on who you talk to, the bigger news is WE HAVE A LOST TOOTH!!!!!

After a very, very long time, Josh's tooth finally fell out! We even had a trip to the dentist yesterday where she told Josh to wiggle his teeth as much as possible!

And Mission Accomplished!!!

We expect more teeth out in the next few weeks!

The Tooth Fairy is on Alert!

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  1. Glad to hear the car (and you) will be ok. My husband hasn't finished watching the game, but he is rooting for Liverpool so he will be pleased! Tell Josh to get his piggy bank ready. I know for my kids, they always seem to lose 2 to 4 within weeks of each other. :)


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